Route Service

Large Delivery Service Area!

Cooper Courier provides clients all over the north state with regular route service, with routes leaving out of our three hubs – Redding, Chico, and the North Coast of California. Current route work includes, but is not limited to: payroll, overnight packages, floral supplies, bank deposits, legal documentation, dental appliances, specimen handling, books, medical supplies, mail, nutrition, rug and towel delivery to remote offices, automotive supplies, prescriptions, and more! If your are looking to ship or receive regularly, please give us a call to see how we can help with your needs.

Choosing to place your envelopes or packages – no matter the frequency or size – on one of our regular routes will save your company time and money. We are already heading that way! Experienced drivers leaving each area every morning will ensure your policies and procedures are met and your packages are delivered on time. No matter the size of company, we are ready to help you. Take advantage of our rates, our expertise, and our ability to provide custom billing.

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Cooper Courier, a leader in delivery, freight and warehouse service, is the answer to your delivery needs! Cooper Courier is more than a reliable, fast, courier service. We understand the importance of getting your package delivered on time and that your customers are counting on it. Our personal touch and competitive pricing adds an extra benefit for your company.

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