Medical / Specimen / Pharmaceutical

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We understand that timeliness and sensitivity are both crucial when dealing with any delivery. However, some are life-saving and others might have an expiration time on them. We specialize in picking up and delivering medical and surgical equipment, specimens, organ donations/transplants and pharmaceuticals. We keep these items temperature-controlled per our customers’ requirements. We also understand the sensitive nature of the product and make sure they are secured at all times. The medical/pharmaceutical deliveries we provide our customers can be either regularly scheduled deliveries or on-call.

With over a decade of experience delivering everything from human tissue, blood, surgical equipment and emergency medicine, our team is knowledgeable in the sensitive nature of your needs. We pride ourselves in helping out our community as well as lives and science all over the country. Many of our drivers were not donors prior to working with us. They see how we help save lives and help labs to benefit science so more lives can be helped. Now many of them have become donors, we all love knowing that we are helping in a small way.

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